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Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - CelebratePray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

Leadership God's Way Small Group Study


Become an effective leader in the Secular and Christian realm

This seven week study is designed to develop the group members’ ability to:  

  • Distinguish between God-centered ambition vs. self-centered ambition.  
  • Understand the primary qualifying traits of godly leadership.  
  • Understand when you are being a servant.  
  • Understand the difference between natural and spiritual leadership characteristics.  
  • Identify leadership potential against twenty-two measurements.  
  • Understand the leadership history of biblical figures such as Peter, Paul and Nehemiah.  
  • Describe and develop essential qualities of leadership.  
  • Understand from Scripture what it means to be “Spirit-filled” and how the presence or absence affects leadership.  
  • Pray in the Spirit.  
  • Effectively utilize time and stop procrastinating.  
  • Utilize proven reading strategies to make reading worthwhile and profitable.  
  • Understand the price of leadership and how to bear and share the cost.  
  • Recognize the tests and parallel perils of leadership. 
  • Understand the value of delegation. 

Upon successful completion of this course, the group members will be expected to: 

  • Improve the groups that they lead by caring for administration, spiritual tone, group morale, personal relationships, problem solving, and creative planning. 
  • Carry out the four central leadership responsibilities of service, applied discipline, guidance, and initiative. 
  • Respond appropriately to the tests of leadership. 
  • Delegate effectively. 
  • Lead in a way that the organization remains healthy when the leader is gone. 
  • Reproduce themselves for leadership continuity. 

Cost: Books, facilitation fee, plus any incidental expenses. To order books, click here. 


Leadership God's Way Seminar or Workshop


Assess and improve your leadership potential

Spiritual goals can only be accomplished by spiritual people who use spiritual methods. God provides everyone with certain gifts and leadership qualities. But unless they are nurtured and governed by the Holy Spirit, they can be used in ungodly ways.   

This seminar (scalable from 1 to 3 hours) will allow you to assess your leadership potential and understand, from a biblical perspective, the essential qualities of leadership.    

Seminar participants are motivated and encouraged to enroll in the Spiritual Leadership small group study.    

Seminar topics include, 

  • What is Spiritual Leadership?  
  • Natural vs. Spiritual Leadership 
  • Characteristics of Jesus as God's special servant
  • Self-assessment on leadership potential
  • Six qualifications on Spiritual Leadership from 1 Timothy 3
  • 17 essential qualities of leadership
  • Cost, tests and perils of leadership
  • Spiritual Leadership examples from Peter, Paul and Nehemiah
  • Spiritual Leadership pledge    

Use this seminar as a quick and effective means to improve the leadership potential and performance of individuals and the groups they lead.  

Cost: Travel Expenses plus fee based on seminar or workshop requirements. 

sample slides from spiritual leadership seminar

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