Financial Tips

When should I start to invest?


Should I save, pay off debt, or invest? Here are a few general guidelines.

Every spiritual leader is not a faithful steward


Pray for the spiritual leaders who may be motivated by greed and do not share or model what God says about money and possessions.

What do you desire?


There is nothing wrong with being wealthy. But do not be a lover of money or allow your wealth (or lack thereof) to define your sense of worth and purpose.

Increase your savings


In Destination 1 on the Compass Money Map for True Financial Freedom, one of the steps is to save $1,000 for emergencies. Read this September 2017 Money Magazine article for 101 ways that you can achieve this goal.

Free up cash for unexpected emergencies


You may be unprepared for expenses caused by natural disasters. Learn how to free up cash. 

When to use Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)


BOGO may not always be a good deal. Here are some considerations before you make a BOGO purchase.

Miscellaneous Tips

Be honest


Lying is neither an essential quality of leadership (christian or worldly) nor a political necessity. It is simply a bad and ungodly choice to be deliberately untruthful.

Self improvement


Here are 20 ways that your spiritual, mental, physical and financial health can be improved through our product and service offerings.

Negotiate towards fairness


If both parties needs are met, the end results may not be equal, but it will be fair.

How to keep love fresh


If you always give the same gift, speak the same words, touch the same way, and perform the same acts, your love relationship can become stale.

Why counsel is so important


Avoid financial loss, pain, heartache, and embarrassment by seeking counsel in financial matters.

Leadership matters


Here are the most important and desired qualities and attributes of leadership.