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Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - CelebratePray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

About Us


To see all churches and individuals discover and fulfill their God-given purpose by learning and applying biblical principles towards core life skills.  


To draw people closer to God and transform lives by using a discipleship approach to teaching biblical principles and practical applications on finances, love and leadership God’s way.  

What We Do

As an affiliate of Compass—finances God’s Way, we provide small groups studies, seminars, workshops and coaching that:  

  • Increase financial literacy, reduce debt, increase savings and giving, and improve spending decisions
  • Improve love relationships with God and others
  • Train leaders to be more effective in the church and marketplace

The Compass Urban Story


About Ken Battles - Founder and President

Ken Battles did not grow up in a Christian household. He spent most of his youth and adult life as a prolific reader, but never read the bible until 2012.  Church attendance was very sporadic as he was disappointed and judgmental towards Christians who were behaving in ways more sinful than him. His natural gifts and thirst for information and knowledge allowed him to become a successful employee throughout his career, and a good manager of his personal finances.

On October 21, 2007, he and his wife Sharon visited Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Oviedo for the first time. This provided a spiritual experience that led them to join the following Sunday. After months of regular attendance for worship service and Sunday School, he learned about a biblical financial small group study that was being offered in the spring of 2008. He decided to take the study, viewing it as another information and knowledge source on personal finances. At the conclusion of the study, he realized that:

  • He did not have a personal relationship with God.
  • He was a good money manager, but not a faithful steward, especially in the area of generosity.
  • He was not using his time, talents and treasures to glorify God and serve others.
  • He found his purpose. God provided for, protected, and prepared him with worldly experiences, information and knowledge about managing finances, administration and facilitation. He was now exposed to the biblical principles and a calling to serve. 

Over the next couple of years, he facilitated the study at Antioch, expanded the study to multiple times a year, and assumed the role as the Biblical Financial Study Church Coordinator. He was also exposed to Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages of God, and added it to the small group study offerings. 

In 2009, Ken met Howard Dayton, co-founder and CEO of Crown Financial Ministries and Founder/CEO of Compass – Navigating Finances God’s Way. They quickly developed a relationship that subsequently resulted in an offer for Ken to become his “Just One More” in 2012. This one year discipleship journey exposed Ken to core teachings on discipleship, evangelism, trusting God, and spiritual leadership (resulting in Ken adding this to the portfolio of small group studies at Antioch). Upon completing this journey, Ken accepted the call to become a deacon at Antioch and was ordained in December 2013 after one year of extensive training. 

After Howard expressed the need for someone to provide more financial discipleship and generosity focus on the urban community, specifically the African-American community, Ken launched Compass Urban Stewardship Ministries in January 2014. 

Since the launch date, Ken has been slowly growing the ministry by assisting churches and other organizations with small group studies, seminars and workshops related to finances, love and leadership God’s way.  He continues to work as a Strong Authentication Service Manager for a global leader in digital transformation with approximately 100000 employees in 72 countries and annual revenue of around € 12 billion.  

As an affiliate of Compass – Navigating Finances God’s Way, he has full access to their vast product and service offerings and relationships.     

"How Compass Transformed my life"

Check out my journey and also learn why the church should teach biblical financial principles.

Board of directors

Ken Battles - Founder/President

Sharon Battles - Secretary/Treasurer

Sharon Battles - Secretary/Treasurer


Ken Battles spiritual gifts of teaching, encouragement, problem solving and collaborative leadership are assisting churches and other organizations to address biblical stewardship needs. 

With the foundation of a B.S. degree in Computer Sciences, Ken has a very successful career with almost 40 years of diversified Information Technology experience. His skills and expertise include global service management, process management, process improvement and optimization, project management, IT general controls, IT security, and collaborative leadership. 

He describes his corporate career as the "job that he is paid for" and Compass Urban as the "calling that he was made for".

Sharon Battles - Secretary/Treasurer

Sharon Battles - Secretary/Treasurer

Sharon Battles - Secretary/Treasurer


Sharon Battles is the "virtuous woman" with the spiritual gift of discernment, providing a hedge of protection around founder Ken Battles. He relies on her as a key source for counsel. Her instincts about people and situations are highly accurate and provide a perfect balance against Ken's analytical, objective and logical bias towards problem solving.

Sharon has worked in many business sectors (manufacturing, banking, defense), leveraging her B.S. degree in Accounting in a variety of financial management roles for over 35 years.

She is very reliable in her role as a deaconess, showing grace and compassion.

Edward L. Brown Sr. - Vice-President

Sharon Battles - Secretary/Treasurer

Edward L. Brown Sr. - Vice-President


Edward L. Brown graduated from the University of North Florida in 1974 with a B.A. in Public Administration.  He worked many years in his field of study, starting with a two year stint in Washington, D.C., on the staff of U.S. Senator Lawton Chiles, of Florida.  Deacon Brown, for three years, then worked for the Seminole Employment and Economic Development Corporation (SEEDCO), as a Business Analyst.

Ed has also worked many years as a Directory Advertising Sales Representative for Southern Bell.

 In August 1986, Ed Brown was  appointed as an Agent for the  State Farm Insurance Companies and continues in this fulfilling career.

He also serves as a  Deacon  and other leadership roles at at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Oviedo, FL

Key servant leaders


Giving thanks to those who serve in so many amazing ways

Pastor Charles Jones - Spiritual Guidance

Pastor Jermaine Thomas - Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Leadership Facilitator

Larry Miller - Senior Compass Facilitator

Adonis Willis - Compass Urban Church Coordinator, Senior Navigating Finances God's Way Facilitator

Telethia Willis - Compass Urban Church Coordinator, Senior Navigating Finances God's Way Facilitator, Give Spend and Save Study for Teens Facilitator

Kayla Perkins - Give Spend and Save Study for Teens Facilitator

Michael Dill - Give Spend and Save Study for Teens Facilitator

John and Janine Farlin - Compass Facilitators

Betty Byrd - Compass Facilitator