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Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - CelebratePray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

Money Coaching


Helping individuals to deal with financial challenges

The primary function of a Money Coach is to help you get your finances on track.

Many variables can cause financial challenges, including:

  • High cost of living
  • Low income
  • Loss of income
  • Unexpected life events that increase expenses
  • Poor spending habits
  • No spending plan (budget)
  • No short, medium and long term financial plans
  • Being a slave to debt
  • Lack of emergency savings
  • Not seeking counsel when you need to make major financial decisions
  • No biblical or worldly financial literacy training to govern your decisions

Through our coaching services, we take a holistic view of your finances (income, spending, assets, liabilities, belief and behaviors about money, etc.), understand your financial pain points and challenges, and develop a strategy and plans to improve your financial situation. 

We also share Biblical principles on giving, spending, saving, debt, work, honesty, counsel, and contentment while we encourage you to participate in a Finances God’s Way small group study or seminar.

Although many aspects of our approach are the same, we customize our service to fit your specific need.

Cost: Very reasonable. Determined after free initial consultation, with consideration towards ability to pay and potential cash improvements.

Note:   Compass Urban does not endorse, recommend, or sell any financial investments. Compass Urban does not give specific investment advice.   

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