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Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

Pray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - CelebratePray - Disciple - Encourage - Transform - Celebrate

GOLD Supporter Spotlight

AARP Orlando


AARP is in Florida creating real, meaningful change. We're proud to help all our communities become the best they can be. Like providing family caregivers with tips to take care of loved ones, helping to make our communities more livable and hosting fun, informative events all across the state.

If you don't think Real Possibilities when you think AARP, then you don't know “AARP."

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Platinum Supporter Spotlight


Good Life 45

Steve Stiger (President & CEO) and Barbara Beck (Host, Welcome Home) have been dear ministry and personal friends over the last few years. The relocation of the Compass Navigating Finances God’s Way North America headquarters to the Good Life 45 building last year shows their heart and commitment to supporting ministry work, and provides more opportunities for me to visit with them. 

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Platinum Supporter Spotlight


Hazel Sun - RE/MAX

Hazel Sun has been a wonderful friend to my family and supporter of Compass Urban. God provided for our current home in a supernatural way in 2008 through the anointing that Hazel has on her life and career as a realtor. She has remained in touch with my family monthly. 

Upon learning about Compass Urban, Hazel has been a source of inspiration and encouragement, while providing significant financial blessings to the ministry. 

Hazel was also the realtor for a home that the parents of my god-children sold in 2017. This was also another supernatural response in both the offer price and timing. 

Thank you Hazel, and may God always bless you for the glory you bring to Him.

Our partners, supporters and kindred ministries


Compass—finances God’s way, founded in 2009 by Howard Dayton, is a worldwide non-profit interdenominational ministry that teaches people of all ages how to handle money based on the Bible. Compass Urban is an affiliate ministry with access to the vast product and service offerings and relationships.


Established in Oviedo, Florida since 1875, Antioch was the catalyst and launching point for Compass Urban Stewardship Ministries. They provide a wide variety of small group studies that are transforming lives. Antioch is a showcase Compass church, providing regular small group studies and seminars on finances, love and leadership. 


NCF Orlando manages the Compass Urban Stewardship Ministries Fund. This allows us to receive donations from bank accounts, checks, credit cards, wire transfer, stocks and mutual funds, and complex gifts such as real estate and business interests.


Through small gatherings and annual celebrations, Generous Giving is spreading the biblical message of generosity. Wealthy Christians are inspired and motivated  to give extravagantly, such that they voluntarily limit their spending and saving, driven by love, in order to see God’s kingdom come on earth. 


Applying your natural and spiritual giftedness through a personal partnership with our ministry provides the sustaining lifeblood. Your commitment to glorifying God and blessing others through service or financial donations will "... store up for yourselves treasures in heaven." (Matthew 6:20)


State Farm Sanford


Ed Brown Sr. has been a wonderful influence in my life as both a friend and a deacon. 1 Timothy 3: 8-13 describes the qualities of the deacon. Ed walks the walk and has a constant presence of wisdom and calmness. He had a major role in the preparation and facilitation of the year-long deacon training program that I completed in 2013. This training greatly impacted my approach to ministry work. 

Throughout the years, our relationship has grown. Ed is a 30+ year Agent for the distinguished State Farm Insurance Companies; the largest provider of insurance and financial services nationwide.  

Thank you and bless you Ed Brown Sr. for your recurring monthly support to Compass Urban.